One of the most common questions we receive from clients when creating a website is: “Why is my site not the first on Google”!? Where to start with the answers. Maybe it’s best to define what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is , or Search Engine Optimization for short . In the rest of the text, we will use the abbreviated term SEO.

Lay SEO is the optimization of web content with the aim of faster and better Google indexing and, most importantly, better positioning on the search engine itself. Of course, the question arises, what is Google indexing? Given that it is a separate and extensive entity, we will explain it in more detail in a separate article.

In order to better understand SEO, we will explain its two main processes:

  1. The first is to configure the website so that Google will index it correctly
  2. The second is the configuration of the web content itself so that it is on the top results of Google searches for the products and services you offer.

In a logical sequence, the question arises as to how Google collects all the information. Google searches the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, starting with relevant web pages, through links from those pages, to links of links to the end of the web. When Google comes across new content, it indexes (marks) it for all future searches on its network.

Of course, our goal is for our web content to be indexed as soon as possible and to the highest quality, and most importantly, to be highly positioned among the relevant search results of our potential users / customers / clients. In order to succeed in our endeavor, it is necessary to understand how people search the Internet.

People search the Internet with a specific intention. The most common intentions can be grouped into groups:

When we search the Internet when Marko Marulić was born, Google will download from its index all web pages that mention the date of birth of Marko Marulić. That’s when Google uses its most important element to show us the most relevant solutions – the Google Algorithm that ranks the results from 1 to infinity.

“A user receives a Google search result in an average of 0.28 seconds”

The Google Algorithm is a very complicated mathematical formula that asks more than 200 questions to make sure that the user gets the best search result. One of the most important questions is: “What is on that page that is relevant to that search?”. This is exactly what leads us to keywords!

In the next article, we will explain the concept of keywords and how to use them correctly and successfully.

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